Funding Sources

State & Federal Funding
Public schools, such as The Boomtown School, receive State and matching Federal dollars to pay the staff, build and maintain facilities, buy supplies, etc. These funds are woefully inadequate, however, to ensure the highest quality education that we demand for our students.

The Boomtown School is fortunate to have a signficant portion of its budget offset by the overwhelming amount of support we receive from our parents and the community at large.

Local Support
The MyTown Learning Centers were built by our parents and are fully supplied by donations we receive from our families and community leaders. Over the years, they have also been responsible for adding on to the main facility, the construction of the gymnasium and sports fields, and the purchase of desks, books and other essential supplies.

Additionally, through the donation of thousands of volunteer hours, our parents offset the costs of hiring Teacher's Aides and other classroom assistants and the often high cost for maintenance and upkeep. Would you be surprised to know that last year, with 368 students enrolled, that we received more than 14,000 donated hours of service, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars in money and goods we received from our local businesses and town residents?

The real question we need to ask: Why is this so unusual?

  One of our primary corporate sponsors, Chang's Famous Fireworks Factory, donated more than $500,000 in 2007 to The Boomtown School.




Why We Support
The Boomtown School

by Xian-li, owner of
Chang's Famous Fireworks Factory

For almost sixty years, ever since my grandfather, Xian, took over the Fireworks Factory, we have added a 2% surcharge onto the cost of every item we sell - which is donated directly to The Boomtown School.

Why do we do this?

We believe it is the shared responsibility of every citizen, especially among those of us in the business community and city leadership, to provide the best education students can receive - and pay our Educators as we would any community hero. For that's what they are! Teachers help us to hold on to the lessons of the past, while they lead our children forward into a bright future.

This takes MORE than money. It takes me and it takes you. I challenge you to match and exceed what my company is doing. Our teachers - and our children - are worth it!