Using "Boomtown" in the Classroom

Teachers! There are a lot of fun ways to use Boomtown, by Nowen N. Particular, as a learning tool in your classroom.

Boomtown Discussion Questions
Here are 52 different discussion questions, ranging from easy (for younger children) to more difficult (for teens and adults) that can be used as a discussion guide for Boomtown. Have your class read the book and then pick and choose from the list of questions for a guided discussion of Boomtown and its themes.
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Boomtown Charter
Download a free full-color, printable version of the Boomtown Charter, including the 20 Principles upon which Boomtown was founded and the Articles that explain them. Suitable for hanging in your classroom and to create a lively discussion and debate.
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Boomtown Charter at Large
This is a detailed explanation for each of the 20 Principles listed in the Boomtown Charter. An essential tool to compliment the Charter and the Discussion Questions. Free download.
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Build a Boomtown of Your Own!
Wouldn't it be fun to turn your classroom into a Boomtown of your very own? Hang up signs and decorate. Elect a City Council, Sheriff, and Mayor. Pretend to be the town Librarian, Shop Owners and other Characters from the book. Adopt your own Town Charter! Have a "Slush Olympics" Field Day. Find out how!
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There's more! Check out Crazy Inventions, Cool Experiments, Write On Boomtown and The Dinosaur Project.







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Boomtown Charter

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