Principal Peter Pantz
(told the 7th grade students that if they each read more than 20 books in a semester they could pie-him-in-the-face. They each read 40 and pied him twice).


Staff and Teachers

Peter Pantz
Alma Knack
Preschool 1
Ima Sumbody
4th Grade
Peg Legg
Office Manager
Anita Hugg
Preschool 2
Dane Jerrus
5th Grade
Didda Bellring
Office Assistant
Chanda Lear
Kindergarten 1
Justin Case
5th Grade
Dee Lishus
Lunch Lady
Dinah Mite
Kindergarten 2
Kaye Nine
6th Grade
Dan Druff
Dennis Anyone
1st Grade
Ima Lee King
6th Grade
Jim Nastix
P.E./Boys Coach
Hedda Leddice
1st Grade
Les Izmore
Vali Bahl
P.E./Girls Coach
Duke Itout
2nd Grade
Minnie Blinze
  Hilda Klime
2nd Grade
Miles Long
Bill Melator
Teacher's Asst.
Dusty Korner
3rd Grade
Holly Snowbird
Bess Twishes
Teacher's Asst.
Hugo First
3rd Grade
Noah Zark
Language Arts
Carrie Okee
Teacher's Asst.
Ira Fuse
4th Grade
Ray Beez

Teacher to Student Ratio (Avg. Class Sizes)

The Boomtown School currently employs 22 full time Teachers and Coaches, 5 Administrative personnel and 3 parttime staff employees. With the teachers and coaches overseeing 368 students (enrolled for 2007-2008) divided into 20 classes, we maintain an average class size of approximately 18 students per teacher. In addition, each teacher has at least 2 volunteer teacher's aides in their classroom at any given time, available on a rotational basis.

A low Teacher-to-Student Ratio is one of the key predictors of student success. We are proud to maintain such an outstanding average!






Thanks to all of our
Wonderful Volunteers!

186 Teacher's Aides

8 Office Helpers

6 Cafeteria Volunteers

42 Reading/Writing Tutors

39 Math Tutors

112 MyTown Aides and Volunteers

9 Drama Coaches

17 Coaches/Sports Assistants

18 Playground Monitors

28 Transportation Drivers/Helpers

42 Maintenance/Construction Volunteers

and Hundreds of others!

We can't do it without you!

Phil Errup
(parent volunteer and owner of Ella the Elephant, performing a hula-hoop trick for the students)